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Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

by Eldon Harris
August 27 2012

Tales from space: Mutant Blobs Attack sounds like it can be a really cool adventure. Your a blob with some amazing powers. The most impressive being the ability to devour anything smaller then you.

That will be difficult at first since you are so small and inconsequential. Now that I've played the entire campaign of tales from space: Mutant Blobs Attack. Is it worth the plate it's served on or does this experience disagree with your appetite?


Launching the game certainly draws you in with colorful music and graphics, though I'm still wondering how I'm going to get into a game when I play as a blob?

The opening movie to the campaign left me a little confused, but I enjoyed it and the noises representing the talking characters. If I did my reviews like that, they'd be so much easier. “Bowway bowway Snamigi gigo gammayubbi sama.”

As you complete levels, it opens up a broader story focusing on your discovery and the effect your having to the people and planet.


The one question you'll be asking yourself as you play the game is, “Just how big am I going to get?” This exciting notion left me wanting to play the entire game in one setting.

To do this you have to find objects smaller than you and devour them. The physics are really fun and even as your growing, you can squeeze through tight spaces. There are some interesting puzzles and challenges as you play. I'd have to say the difficulty was spot on. I never got frustrated or stuck and the puzzles were difficult enough to feel like a challenge.

One ability you have is to control platforms with an electric mind beam. It seems simple enough, but gets more impressive later. Further on, you become magnetized and acquire moments of flight.

Closing Comments:

The game is not co-op and doesn't seem to have to much replayability, but the campaign is a blast. It's a long campaign too, that will take you to the moon and back again. Tales from space: Mutant Blobs Attack sits at a price point of 7.99. I recommend a night out for fast food a decent trade for a blob that can do all the eating for you and then some.

Rating | Description

8 - Presentation

There's a lot on the screen and it's colorful and inviting.

9 - Graphics

The style is clean to look at and the screen is filled with graphics of every size.

9 - Sound

Sounds are good and the music is fun. Talking characters reminds me of the Sims.

9 - Gameplay

Movement and gameplay is at your own pace. Controls are simple on controller and keyboard. The difficulty is set perfectly for and stress free enjoyable experience with a couple challenges to boot.

8 - Lasting Appeal

Not much replay value, just the search for two lost blobs each level. The campaign is long and for such a price as this game is worth the price. Just how big can the blob get?

8.9 - Overall

The overall score is not an average, but it does reflect how much we enjoyed the game. Games between the score of 7 - 9 are favorable. Games that get a rating of 9.0 are a must buy.

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